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Maternity Services for International Patients

1. I would like to deliver at a Baptist Health facility.  What do I need to do?
a) Complete a Patient Information Form.

You may contact our office directly, a representative will walk you through the form and complete it for you.  Another option is to fill out the Maternity PreRegistration Form online.  
b) Confirm an accepting OBGYN Physician. 
If you do not already have an accepting OBGYN Physician in South Florida who has privileges in one of our hospitals, we will coordinate an appointment with one for you. Please be aware that the farther along you are in your gestational period, the more difficult it will be to find an accepting physician.

2. Are the package prices the same for all hospitals (Baptist, Homestead, and South Miami Hospital)?
Yes, the maternity package prices are the same and will not change based on the facility.

3. What is included in the maternity package? 
The Maternity package includes the professional fees of the Anesthesiologist and Pathologist (Hospital-based Physicians).  For a vaginal delivery, the hospitalization period is two days. For a Cesarean Section, the hospitalization period is three days.

Additional costs:
  • Professional fees will apply for any specialist other than those Hospital-based Physicians listed above.
  • All Cesarean Births will be attended by a Neonatologist. There will be an additional cost for this service.
  • The Hearing Test is a separate charge and will be billed as part of the Neonatologist’s bill.
  • Circumcision, which is an optional procedure, is not included in the Maternity package.
  • Providing Immunizations is an optional service. There will be an additional cost for this service.
  • You may choose your own Pediatrician; however, if you are having a Cesarean Section, the Neonatologist will be attending the birth of your child.

  • 4. What are my payment options?

    There are different payment options to pay for our services.  The Maternity Package should be paid upon registration.
    a) Insurance:  The Patient Information Form will provide your BHSF representative with the information required to advice you of your financial responsibility. You must provide a copy of your insurance card as well.
    b) Price Packages:  As a self-pay patient, we are able to provide you with a discounted price for your services. These special discounted prices must be paid in full before any service is rendered. Please be aware that if the discounted amount is not paid in full prior to receiving your services, you will be billed the full amount. The full price may be charged at a minimum of doubling the discounted price.
    c) Cost questions:

  • How can I pay?
    The methods of payment are: Wire Transfer, Check, Cash, or Credit Cards
  • Is episiotomy included in the price package? How about epidural?
    Yes, both are included in the price package. 
  • I am having a boy, how much would a circumcision cost?
    Please ask your representative to provide you with a price package for this procedure. You may also have your pediatrician conduct the circumcision in his/her office after hospital discharge. If you decide to proceed with the circumcision, while still in the hospital, the Neonatology group will conduct the procedure and bill you separately for their fees.  Your representative will be happy to coordinate the circumcision appointment. Please tell him/her what you decide. Please note: South Miami Hospital will not coordinate Circumcision Appointments. That decision is made with the Neonatologist or with the OBGYN. To contact our International Service Office for additional information, call 786-596-2373 or send an email to:
  • Can I apply for Medicaid for the baby?
    No. You must be a resident to apply for Medicaid. You are not eligible for Medicaid if you only have a VISA.

  • 5. What are my additional costs beyond the price package letter?

    The only physicians included in the price package are noted on the letter. Usually, it is the Anesthesiologist and the Pathologist. Therefore, you will be receiving a bill from your Physician (OBGYN) or the OBGYN on call who will attend to you. In addition, if you have cesarean section, you will receive another bill from the Neonatologist that attends to your baby.

    6. Is a suite available?
    Maternity suites are available upon request. No reservations are available prior to admission. As a courtesy, pending on availability, our International Patients will be accommodated. To contact our International Service Office for additional information, call 786-596-2373 or send an email to:

    7. I am having Twins (Triplets), how much will the package cost? 
    We do not offer Maternity packages for deliveries of multiples births. If you have insurance, your benefits will be verified. If you do not have insurance, an estimate of deposit will be provided.

    8. Are immunizations included in the package price?
    No, there will be an additional charge for the immunizations, as this is an optional service.

    9. I would like to hold the price offered to me in the price package letter.  How long is it good for?
    We will uphold the price quoted for 90 days.

    10. In case the normal vaginal delivery turns into an emergency cesarean, when will you expect the difference?
    In order to honor the discounted price, we will need to collect the price quoted on the letter before you are discharged. If you do not pay before you are discharged, you will automatically be billed for the full amount. 

    11. Are there any charges for additional nights?
    Yes, please refer to the finance specialist for information regarding the patient account and charges.
    If there are any tests that your OBGYN physician requests and you are a self-paying patient, please let your representative know as soon as possible so he/she can provide you with a Delivery Price Package Letter. Tests prior to your delivery are not included in your Delivery Price Package Letter.

    12. Can I get assistance with my accommodations?
    The International Department is available to offer you help with coordinating your hotel stay, rental car and health appointments. We are able to assist with short-term apartment rentals or hotels with suites that include full kitchen. To contact our International Service Office for additional information, call 786-596-2373 or send an email to:
    a) What are my travel restrictions?
    Please follow your Doctor’s advice for traveling. We suggest that you should not travel after 36 weeks of gestation.

    13. How do I handle by my accepting OBGYN physician expenses?
    Any fees rendered by the accepting OBGYN physician are not associated with any fees from your delivery at a Baptist Health facility. You must arrange payment for this physician separately. In case of a cesarean (planned or emergency), a Neonatologist will be present.  Each hospital has a Neonatologist group which will attend to you and bill you separately. To learn about these possible additional charges ahead of time, please ask your representative. To contact our International Service Office for additional information, call 786-596-2373 or send an email to:

    14. I would like to take some childbirth classes, how do I register?
    To learn more about the classes provided through Baptist Health South Florida as well as to register, please contact:
    Baptist Health of Miami: 786-596-8748
    Homestead Hospital: 786-596-8748
    South Miami Hospital: 786-662-5026

    15. Should I visit with a Pediatrician?
    Some patients choose a pediatrician to care for their baby while in the hospital and to provide wellness exams and assessments after delivery.  Ask your representative to assist you in finding a Pediatrician so you can visit with him/her, and to also learn about their fees. Some pediatricians offer circumcisions in their office. You may want that as an option, if you are having a boy.

    16. What do I do when it's time to deliver?
    a) What do I do when it is time to deliver (unscheduled)?
    Call your OBYN Physician first and then go to the Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit. The front doors close every evening at 8:00 p.m. in all facilities.  After 8:00 p.m., please go through the Emergency Room entrance, except at Baptist Hospital. At Baptist Hospital, patients should enter through the Baptist Children's Hospital entrance. The security code for entrance to the building is provided to the patient upon registration for maternity services.
    b) If I come to the hospital and it was a false alarm, will there be any additional charges?
    Yes, this will be an added cost because it is not your actual delivery. We would not be able to provide a quote for a false alarm since it depends on what is done when you visit us. Any procedures that would be performed could vary, depending on your symptoms.
    c) In the event that I need labor to be induced, would there be any additional charges by the hospital?
    No. Your OBGYN may charge more – you would need to ask him/her.
    d) If I am in labor overnight, would there be any additional chargers? 
    No, your time stays the same.  Hospitalization for normal vaginal deliveries is 48 hours and 72 hours for cesarean.
    e) If there is a hurricane warning in my area, should I come to the hospital?
    Please ask your OBGYN physician when he/she would like you to come to the hospital. If you do not have any existing pre-conditions, Baptist Health accepts maternity patients who have passed 36 weeks.  Please call 1-866-639-5431 (1-866-new-kid1).
    f) What should I bring to the hospital?
    You may bring nightgowns and underwear; nursing bras, if you are planning to breast feed; slippers; toiletry items; important telephone numbers; and a going home outfit for you and your baby. Leave valuable jewelry at home.
    g) How long will my stay be?
    Hospitalization for normal vaginal delivery is usually 48 hours and 72 hours for Cesarean.   
    h) Can someone stay with me?
    Yes, every patient is allowed one guest to stay overnight. Each facility provides a fold-out chair for the guest to sleep.
    i) Can my children come and see the baby?
    Children under 12 years old are not allowed. Siblings of any age 12 years and over are allowed.
    j) What are visiting hours in the Maternity Ward?
    Each hospital has different visiting hours. Please ask your representative.
    k) If my baby should have to stay in the hospital, where can I stay in the area?
    The International Department will provide you with options of where to stay. 
    To contact our International Service Office for additional information, call 786-596-2373 or send an email to:

    17. About my stay in the hospital?
    a) Will my guest receive free meals?
    No, but we can offer to your guest meals from our guest trays. Each guest tray costs less than $10. If you would like to pre-schedule one, please notify your nurse. Remember that every one of our facilities houses a full (hot and cold) cafeteria open to our guests.
    b) How will I get a birth certificate for my baby?

  • Someone from the medical records department will visit you after your delivery and gather the information required. He/She will also ask the father of the baby for a government-provided identification card.
  • Please tell the individual from the medical records department that you are an International patient and to make sure they expedite the birth certificate quickly. The birth certificate should be ready to pick up two to three weeks from discharge.
  • To verify that the birth certificate is ready, you may call the Bureau of Vital Statistics, 305-324-2489. They will also be able to tell you which location to go and pick up the birth certificate.

  • 18. What happens after my discharge?

    a) I have some forms for Baptist Health to complete for me back home. What should I do?
    If you have any forms to be completed for maternity leave benefits, please give them to your OBGYN Physician, or we can provide a copy of your medical records for you to take home with a signed authorization form. 
    b) When will my charges be processed so I can receive a final bill?
    Usually it takes about three to four weeks to process your charges. Your representative will be able to tell you if there are any outstanding monies due in your account.

    International Representative Concierge Services
    Hours of operation:
    9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Monday through Friday