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Women's Services


Baptist Health recognizes that women have unique health concerns, depending on their stage of life. That’s why our approach to Women’s Services is comprehensive, convenient and personal.

Our services cover a complete spectrum of women’s health concerns, including:

  • Maternity services, parent education classes, infertility treatment/reproductive medicine
  • Specialized care for high-risk pregnancies and unborn babies, including fetal MRI.
  • Level II and III Neonatal Intensive Care Units and neonatal transport and surgical teams.
  • Child Development Center to evaluate and treat infants and children as they grow and develop.
  • Healthy lifestyle services, including bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery.
  • Diagnostic testing, including digital mammography, MRI, PET/CT, ultrasound, X-ray, coronary artery imaging and bone density testing.
  • Pelvic Health services to diagnose and treat bladder problems.
  • Breast cancer surgery, reconstruction and radiation.
  • Gynecological services, including minimally invasive robotic surgery to treat fibroids and certain cancers.
  • Women’s Heart Program evaluates blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index to create a cardiovascular health profile.
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Centers allow parents to donate their newborn’s cord blood for use in treating more than 70 blood diseases.

  • Baptist Health is committed to helping women of all ages get the health care services they need. For a referral to a physician, please call 786-596-6557; toll-free outside Miami-Dade County, 1-800-228-6557.

    For those outside of the United States, please contact our International Services Department at International@BaptistHealth.net



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