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Our Surgical Services

Baptist Health South Florida is widely recognized as a leader in surgical care in Miami-Dade County. Our doctors and surgical staff have the advanced skills and technology necessary for highly complex operations such as heart or brain surgery, or for minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopic knee surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery

One of the most important surgical advances in recent years is laparoscopic surgery, which is performed through a narrow tube with a miniature camera. At Baptist Health, surgeons can now do major operations through tiny incisions. The result: less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery.

Medical Arts Surgery Center

While many surgical procedures require an overnight stay, most patients are treated on an outpatient basis - often at the Medical Arts Surgery Center. The Center's tasteful decor and easy access to parking offer a convenient and comfortable health care experience. For more detailed information on this Center, select it from the "Outpatient Centers" menu on the top of this page.

For a free referral to a surgeon, call our Physician Referral Service at 786-596-6557. For information about surgery services at a specific facility, follow the links below.


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