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Robotic Throat Surgery

Throat and tongue surgeries have been refined at South Miami Hospital. Ear, nose and throat surgeons provide effective treatments for benign tongue ailments and throat cancer, using the robot.

Throat cancer covers a broad range of conditions that can involve the voice box, the base of the tongue, tonsils or other areas of the neck. Traditional treatments – chemotherapy and radiation – can limit a patient’s ability to swallow, speak and eat. And removing cancerous tumors with conventional open surgery typically involves long incisions through the throat and the jawbone. Not only can that process disrupt the normal functions of speaking, swallowing and eating, but it can be disfiguring, creating the need for reconstructive surgery.

The robot makes operating on the delicate tongue and throat areas easier and more precise. Robotic surgery uses a camera, small instruments and a laser to remove tumors in the throat. Working at a console near the patient, the surgeon maneuvers the robot’s instruments – some as small as a pencil tip – through the natural opening of the mouth. That process enables the surgeon to treat early- and moderate-stage tumors, along with benign problems with the tongue, without disfiguring the patient’s face and without a tracheotomy, a surgical procedure that involves opening and inserting a tube into the windpipe.​