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Robotic Thoracic Surgery

The robotic system used at South Miami Hospital’s Center for Robotic Surgery has transformed the way patients experience thoracic, or chest surgery. Traditional surgery in the chest cavity can be debilitating. Patients endure large and painful incisions, a long recovery and the risk of major complications.

The robot makes thoracic surgery easier by allowing access to the chest, without the need for a long incision and spreading the ribs. The instruments move around in the chest cavity to remove tumors, while minimizing damage to the chest wall and surrounding tissues. A camera magnifies the chest area and gives the surgeon an enlarged and enhanced three-dimensional view inside the body. Robotic, video-assisted surgery allows surgeons to complete surgical procedures with more accuracy and safety than conventional open or traditional minimally invasive surgery. All this allows for a quicker recovery and a shorter hospital stay – an average of three days versus eight days with traditional surgery.

South Miami Hospital thoracic surgeon Mark Dylewski, M.D., pioneered using the robot to remove cancer from the lung without spreading the ribs. Other surgeries of the chest cavity, including procedures on the esophagus and thymus, also have been made easier with the robot.​​​

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