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Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci robotic system for surgery offers a new approach to traditional open surgery. It represents out commitment to the latest medical advancements, making complex operations more precise and less traumatic.

The robot combines experienced hands of a surgeon with tomorrow’s technology. A surgical team prepares the patient by making several dime-sized incisions in the body. The team equips da Vinci’s four robotic arms with tiny surgical tools and a camera and wheels it into place over the operating table.

The surgeon sits nearby at a console, watching a monitor with a magnified, three-dimensional view inside the body. The surgeon uses hand and foot control to direct the robotic arms. The system translates the surgeon’s maneuvers into real time – twisting, turning and rotating the micro-instruments as the operation demands. Though often called a robot, the da Vinci cannot be programmed or move on its own.

With unparalleled accuracy, a surgeon can extend the range of motion and operate deep into the body. Specially trained and Board-Certified surgeons at Baptist Health use the da Vinci to perform various surgical procedures.

Facility Locations

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