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Robotic Abdominal Surgery

Our surgeons are using the robot to perform the most complicated abdominal procedures, including surgery for pancreatic and adrenal tumors, gastric cancers, hernias and splenectomies, or removal of the spleen.

The robot allows the surgeons to access the smallest areas of abdomen with unparalleled flexibility and precision. Robotic technology helps surgeons make smaller incisions, which translates to less scarring, less blood loss and fewer transfusions for patients. The robotic instruments give surgeons magnified, real-time images inside the abdominal cavity, allowing them to see microscopic details on the blood vessels and organs. This enhanced view means that they operate with greater clarity and accuracy.

Surgeries that once required large incisions and lengthy recoveries are now performed through tiny holes – making the procedures easier and less painful and allowing patients to return to their normal activities faster. The robot has transformed the way our doctors operate on the abdomen and the way our patients recover.​