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Child Life Specialists

At Baptist Health, we want to enhance the hospital experience for patients of all ages. Our child life specialists are specifically trained to enhance the quality of care for hospitalized children. When visiting our youngest patients, they provide developmental play periods to help children express their fears or concerns and to help them understand the hospital environment. 

Child life specialists may offer activities and entertainment as a diversion from hospital routines and procedures. A specialist may also use play with dolls and medical equipment to assist children in understanding their medical experiences. In some cases, they organize group activities that allow children to socialize with their peers. Child life specialists help patients and families:

  • Understand medical procedures, equipment and diagnoses
  • Adjust to and cope with the hospital environment
  • Express concerns and work out feelings
  • Continue to achieve developmental skills
  • Participate in activities that support individual personalities, interests and skills
  • Build supportive relationships


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