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Pastoral Care


Baptist Health believes that a healthy connection to God is vital to a person's physical, psychological and social well-being. Research has demonstrated a clear relationship between spirituality and the process of healing. Our chaplains, representing a number of religious faiths, have received specialized training to provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families in times of need.

 When to Contact a Chaplain:

  • When you feel the need to draw strength from your spiritual roots.
  • When you would like to explore the meaning of your current health challenge.
  • When you need support in time of crisis or loss.
  • When you would like to inquire about better ways to cope.
  • When you need a sacrament of baptism, anointing, communion, etc.
  • When you want to clarify your values regarding health care decisions.
  • When you would like your church or synagogue to be contacted.
  • When you would like someone to pray with or just a friend to talk to. 
  • When you have specific needs to fulfill the obligations of the faiths in the Judeo-Christian traditions.

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