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Children's Bill of Rights

Baptist Children's Hospital offers a full range of services from birth to adolescence. Baptist Children's Hospital is an affiliate of Baptist Health South Florida and is complemented by several fine services at another affiliate, South Miami Hospital. The Baptist Children's Hospital medical staff includes more than 300 pediatricians and subspecialists in every field--backed by specially trained nurses, laboratory and radiology technicians and other support personnel. It all adds up to an extraordinary network of professionals to handle everything from minor bruises to serious illness and injury.
Children's Bill of Rights
At Baptist Children's Hospital, we believe children have a right to high quality, compassionate medical care that respects their privacy and dignity. We also understand that families play a vital role in a child's recovery from illness or injury. We know that good communication with children and their loved ones gives them the information they need to make good decisions that help them feel more comfortable. It's all part of giving the best possible care to the children and families that depend on us.

Through the eyes of a child:

  • Call me by my name and introduce yourself.
  • Get to know me and my family. Our needs are different from those of your other patients.
  • Understand that it's okay if I cry or express my sadness, anger, loneliness or hurt.
  • Explain what is wrong with me and what is going to happen to that I understand.
  • Reassure my parents that at Baptist Children's Hospital I will be cared for by nurses, doctors and other health care professionals experienced in the care of children.
  • Listen when I have something to say. Answer my questions and be honest with me.
  • Remember that I like to play and learn, and try to give me opportunities to do both.
  • Involve me and my family in my care, and give me choices when you can.

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