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Substance Abuse Services

Individuals with chronic and relapsing diseases like diabetes, heart disease and addiction, require a coordinated combination of intensive treatments that restore and support physical and mental health - all guided by medical care that is sound, advanced and compassionate.

Substance Abuse Services

Biopsychosocial Assessment

Because every patient is different, the best treatment for any chronic disease, including addiction, begins with a complete biopsychosocial assessment. The assessment includes both medical and psychological information, a proper diagnosis and critical information about past and present personal, academic and professional life challenges specific to the patient.
A biopsychosocial assessment will also provide a more complete picture of the severity of the problem and allows us to see where the individual is on the broad spectrum of addiction that generally begins in adolescence and may continue past middle age. These assessments can also identify underlying causes of substance use that may also need to be addressed in order for the patient to achieve a full recovery.
Intensive Outpatient Treatment
In Intensive Outpatient Treatment, patients participate in treatment and program activities for a minimum of nine hours per week. Program activities include psycho-educational lectures, group therapy, family therapy, recreational therapy and/or individual therapy.
Continuing Care
Transitioning from the support of treatment professionals and new friends in recovery back to the ongoing challenges of the world outside can be tough. At Care & Counseling, we understand that juggling the stress of family life, school and career, while still new to recovery, is difficult without support. With Continuing Care, we provide a bridge from the world of treatment to the recovering patient’s new life beyond the Center.
Our services are designed to help people recover when and where they need it most. We offer healthy alternatives to isolation and fellowship activities to replace old pursuits that included the drug of choice. Our Continuing Care Groups meet once a week and offer patients a chance to renew their commitment to recovery as well as contribute to the ongoing recovery of others.


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