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Addiction Information for Myself

Am I addicted to alcohol or drugs?

If you are wondering whether you might be addicted to alcohol or drugs, please take a moment to consider the symptoms below. You may also call and speak confidentially with one of our licensed bilingual therapists (1-800-YES-HOPE or 786-662-8118) or email your questions to

Symptoms of Addiction

  • Inability to abstain from abusing alcohol or drugs consistently
  • Feeling that you need the drug to deal with your problems
  • Impaired behavioral control
  • Intense craving
  • Diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and relationships
  • Dysfunctional emotional responses to these problems

What is addiction? Perception vs. Reality
  • ​Addiction is a chronic brain disease.
  • Like other chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, it can involve cycles of relapse and remission.
  • Also like other chronic diseases, addiction is not a moral, personal or professional failure. Abusing the drug of choice, whether it is alcohol or illegal or prescription drugs, is merely a devastating symptom of that disease.
  • With treatment, remission and recovery are possible for patients who suffer from diabetes and heart disease. The same is true for our patients who suffer from addiction.
  • Without treatment, addiction can result in severe physical and mental damage and death.

Why do some people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, while others don’t?
In about 10 percent of the population, use of alcohol and drugs affects the brain to such an extent that the use increases the desire to keep using, despite destructive health, personal and professional consequences.

Recovery Starts Here
  • The road to recovery begins with proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • As with other chronic diseases, there is no cure for drug addiction. Remission and sustainable recovery are possible with treatment and ongoing management of the disease.
  • Drug rehab or rehabilitation must treat the whole patient, mentally and physically as well as the family affected by the disease of drug addiction. 
  • At the Center, we know that relapse does not have to mean the end of recovery.
  • With commitment to treatment and the tools they found here, thousands of our patients and families have recovered their lives