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To schedule a confidential appointment for behavioral support, call 1-800-937-HOPE(4673)

Care & Counseling Services

Care & Counseling Services, formerly known as Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center, has provided behavioral health support to our community for more than 40 years. We provide confidential and compassionate support for anyone seeking help during crises or opportunities for growth and enrichment in their lives. Our Counselors draw upon medical, behavioral and spiritual health resources in helping clients. We seek to achieve a healthy balance between emotional and physical health.


    We provide professional, high-quality counseling and educational services to individuals, couples and families in our community.

    We help patients and families who see a serious problem in the making before the devastating losses occur.

    Our addiction treatment is guided by addiction medicine, proven strategies designed to treat the whole patient.

    Our services are designed to meet our patients wherever they are in recovery, new to the path, long-term or in between.


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