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May 2018

Stroke vs. Aneurysm: Different Symptoms, Treatments (Video)

A stroke is a life-threatening medical emergency that can be triggered by two different events: ischemia, referring to an ischemic stroke which happens when a blood vessel in the brain gets blocked, or bleeding (hemorrhagic...
May 2018

AFib and Strokes: You Could Be At Risk and Not Know It

A racing, pounding heartbeat that can hit for no apparent reason should never be ignored. And it can be especially serious when the accelerated or irregular heartbeat presents with shortness of breath after light physical...
May 2018

Alcohol and Brain Health: Even 'Moderate Drinking' Can Be Harmful

Can even moderate drinking -- one or two beverages a day containing alcohol -- be detrimental to your health? Yes, says a new report that gathered data from 83 studies in 19 countries, focusing on...
April 2018

'White Coat Hypertension' Should Be Taken More Seriously, New Study Fi...

Do you get nervous when your blood pressure is taken at the doctor's office? If you do and your blood pressure surges above a normal level because of the anxiety, then you may suffer from...