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 Pediatric Cancer Care

Miami Cancer Institute’s specially trained pediatric cancer team provides the highest-quality care while offering comfort and hope in the most challenging situation. Our renowned experts customize your child's care plan utilizing the most advanced diagnostic and treatments with the least impact on your child's growing body.

These include:

We go beyond clinical care to provide a wide-ranging experience that treats the whole child.

Our experts are specially trained to work with children and families as they cope and respond to illness. We strive to help ease the stress and fear of hospital visits and medical care and make your child and family members as comfortable as possible. Our pediatric support center is designed just for children, with amenities and therapies that help ensure your child remains physically and psychologically healthy during the treatment process and beyond.

Our pediatric support services include:

  • Care coordination, to help you manage the healthcare process
  • Psychosocial therapy, to address your child’s emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual well-being
  • Integrative medicine therapies, such as movement therapy and art and music therapy
  • Rehabilitation, to improve functional skills
  • Pain management, to promote happiness and healing
  • Nutrition & exercise counseling, to keep your child healthy and strong Survivorship Program, to monitor growth and overall well-being