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 Genetic Counseling & Testing

Research shows a small percentage of cancers – between five and ten percent – are hereditary.

People who inherit a gene mutation are at higher risk for developing cancer at some point in their life. Miami Cancer Institute offers genetic counseling and testing to help you and your family members understand the risk.

Genetic counseling helps you determine whether genetic testing is appropriate for you. If your doctor refers you for genetic counseling, our specialists will talk to you about your concerns, family history, cancer screening and prevention, clinical trials, genetic testing options, benefits and limitations of genetic testing and implications of the results.

Genetic testing is done on a small sample of tissue or body fluid, such as blood or saliva, and looks for specific inherited changes (mutations) in a person's chromosomes, genes or proteins. Our genetic specialists will facilitate your testing, discuss test results with you and your referring physician and provide follow-up counseling.