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Nutrition & Exercise Counseling

Good nutrition is an important component of health and wellness. Eating habits that are good for cancer patients can be very different from the usual healthy eating guidelines.

Cancer and its treatment can change how you taste, swallow or chew your food and can temporarily change how your body processes nutrients. Miami Cancer Institute’s Nutrition team help you get the nutrients you need to maintain your body weight and strength, fight infection and feel better and stronger before, during and after cancer treatment.

You and your caregivers can learn more about proper nutrition by attending nutrition classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and celebrity chef events in our Gourmet Teaching Kitchen. ​​

Exercise is safe and beneficial for most cancer patients and survivors. Moderate exercise can help reduce fatigue, improve your mental function and psychological outlook and prevent weight gain commonly experienced during chemotherapy treatment. Miami Cancer Institute’s team of specialists work with your physician team to develop an exercise plan that’s right for you. ​​