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 Young Philanthropists


In the midst of busy lives, demanding careers and growing children, Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health (YPBH) use the power of teamwork and its over 100 members to make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of the South Florida community.

Through philanthropy, community service and education, YPBH members invest time and resources in care and prevention, while connecting people in underserved communities to the services they need and deserve. 

Young Philanthropists focus fundraising efforts on an annual project – such as important health and wellness initiatives, specialized services or new technologies to improve patient care – and raise funds to make it a reality, rotating efforts among entities within Baptist Health South Florida.

Young Philanthropists has a message for you: If your mission to make a difference feels too big to accomplish on your own, join our team.

2019 Fundraising Project: Miami Cancer Institute’s “Better Caring for Pediatric Patients” 

Selecting a project is perhaps the most impactful thing YPBH does as a fundraising group. This year, after five worthy projects were presented from throughout the system, the Steering Committee voted to support Miami Cancer Institute’s Better Caring for Pediatric Patients project.  

The project has three main components: a movie projector, VECTA mobile sensory system and end-of-treatment celebrations. The movie projector will help to improve pediatric patients’ first medical experience in radiation oncology, minimize stress and anxiety, and create a comforting and friendly environment for the child. It will also help distract the patient from any discomfort they may experience during the one- to two-hour procedure.The VECTA mobile sensory system will include a waterless bubble column, CD/MP3 stereo, scented diffuser, solar projector and colored fiber optic tails. The device will be used in both the pre- and post-anesthesia areas.In pre-anesthesia, the VECTA system will provide a distraction during port access/de-access or port flush, and familiarize the environment for the child through play. During post-anesthesia, it will provide a soothing environment when waking up, feature calming lights, the sound of bubble tubes, soothing music and diffusing essential oils.The third component of the project will include celebrations for completing radiation treatment and special rewards for getting through a difficult day or lying still during treatment.  

Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health is honored to be a part of this project and it is our hope that not only will we make a difference, but also bring some joy to the lives of precious children and their families.  

For more information, contact Amanda Greer, Development Manager, Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health, at 786-467-5400 or​ 


Young Philanthropists Giving Levels

  • Golden Circle: $2,500 per year, per individual/couple, age 45-49

 - At this level, members become Baptist Health Foundation Benefactors in four years. 

  • $1,000 per year, per individual/couple, age 30-44
 - Membership renewable annually 
  • $500 per year, per individual/couple, age 21-29
 - Membership renewable annually 

Yearly contributions of $2,500 and $1,000 may be paid in annual, semi-annual or quarterly installments. Yearly gifts of $500 may be paid annually or semi-annually.

In addition to the camaraderie of working together to improve healthcare in South Florida, members also enjoy other benefits, including:

·       Leadership engagement opportunities with Baptist Health senior leadership

·       Networking opportunities

·       Mingle with diverse and like-minded professionals

·       Invitations to educational seminars, luncheons, networking events, tours of hospitals/ facilities and other special events



Steering Committee

The YPBH Steering Committee (Board) consists of members who represent a diverse range of professional backgrounds. The Steering Committee has led the charge in raising more than $835,000 for unfunded Baptist Health initiatives, programs and projects. The group also oversees YPBH’s social and educational events, membership and recruitment, community outreach, and project selection and management. Steering Committee members serve in leadership roles on various committees and sub-committees in order to ensure the growth and development of YPBH.    



Active Members


To see a list of our active members click here​.



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