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Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute

Never stop. Our patients at Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute embody this idea – including pro team lineups, avid walkers, children with repetitive motion injuries or complex growth-related conditions and patients battling arthritis or the effects of car accidents. Every day, our team of specialists works to inspire our patients by matching that level of commitment.

The Institute focuses on problems affecting the musculoskeletal system – the bones, joints and muscles. We deliver on an international reputation for superior medical care, advanced technologies and results-driven physical rehabilitation.

With the continued help of our giving partners, we can do even more – more advanced technologies, more discoveries, more education and services for our community.

Our long-term relationships with professional sports teams and Olympic athletes are a testament to the skill and quality care of our specialists. Miami Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute provides sports medicine services for the Miami Dolphins, Miami HEAT, Florida Panthers, Florida International University athletics, Orange Bowl, Miami Beach Bowl, Miami Open Tennis, Miami-Dade County Public Schools athletics and Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. Our specialists and surgeons are all leaders in their field.​

We also focus on young athletes, providing preventive care and education, as well as treatment for repetitive motion and other injuries. Through the Youth Athletic Outreach Program, the Institute’s medical team provides physicals and pre-participation screenings for high school athletes in Miami-Dade County, including free EKG screenings at Baptist Medical Plaza diagnostic centers, and on-field care for varsity football games.

Caring for Kids
Injuries and other conditions that impair motion and functioning can be scary for kids. Our specialists and pediatric-trained nurses help kids and parents understand the problem, treatment and maintenance required for a timely recovery. We also offer casting to help get children moving again.

In addition to fractures caused by a bold move on the playground and sports-related injuries, we also treat children for spinal problems like scoliosis, club feet and the effects of such conditions as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Our pediatric orthopedic physicians use equipment and techniques designed for smaller bones, including minimally invasive procedures that aid healing with little downtime for active kids.

Advances and Achievements
Our physicians and surgeons are focused on developing treatments and technologies to help our patients recover and improve their quality of life.

  • Sports medicine care. The Institute’s Board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic physicians are recognized locally, nationally and internationally as leaders in the care of athletes and treatment of sports injuries.

  • Orthopedic trauma treatment. The Institute provides expert care for injuries sustained in car crashes, falls and other accidents. Our specially trained surgeons perform complex surgical procedures and use state-of-the-art techniques to preserve nerves and blood vessels and minimize tissue loss.

  • Toe joint implant. One of our orthopedic specialists, a foot and ankle specialist, designed a joint implant that is expected to return the big toe to full function in patients with arthritis.

  • Custom-made implants for knee-replacement patients. The predesigned implants mirror the patient’s anatomy, meaning less trauma, less pain and a quicker recovery for most patients.

  • Pediatric orthopedic treatment. Our pediatric orthopedic specialists and surgeons specialize in the treatment and management of scoliosis.

  • Youth sports injury prevention. In the fall of 2014, Baptist Health and the Youth Athletic Outreach Program donated helmets with the Riddell InSite Response System for detecting severe impacts to the South Miami Grey Ghosts football team. The Institute’s physicians currently are conducting a study to evaluate impact detection events with subsequent concussions in a youth football league.

  • Specialty diagnostic imaging. The Institute offers diagnostic imaging using an innovative extremity MRI system that allows patients to recline in a comfortable chair with only their arm, hand, leg or foot in the machine.

  • High-tech rehabilitation strategies. Our highly skilled therapists provide rehabilitation and physical therapy using the latest techniques and equipment, including the anti-gravity treadmill. This high-tech machine is used to rehabilitate lower extremity injuries with less pain and less impact.
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