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Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute at Baptist Health South Florida has been leading the way in cardiac and vascular innovation for 30 years by pioneering new treatments for heart and vascular conditions and focusing on discovery to improve cardiovascular care. Founded in 1987 by Chief Medical Executive Barry T. Katzen, M.D., a visionary, world-renowned physician, the Institute was one of the first centers in the U.S. to treat the heart and blood vessels as one entity. This integrated, multidisciplinary approach, coupled with cutting-edge techniques and technologies, advanced research and an international focus, resulted in the Institute becoming a recognized leader in cardiovascular care.

Today, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute is the largest and most comprehensive cardiovascular facility in the region. With significant philanthropic support, the Institute completed a $120 million expansion in 2017 on the facilities at the Baptist Hospital campus, and has integrated cardiac and vascular services at all Baptist Health hospitals and facilities in over 25 locations. The Institute now offers a first-in-the-world environment that maximizes physician collaboration, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and stands ready to usher in the next generation of innovation in cardiovascular care.

With current changes in the healthcare environment, discovery and breakthroughs in cardiovascular care will not occur without the generosity of donors to fund vitally important research. For this reason, Baptist Health Foundation has launched the Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute Vision for Discovery and Innovation campaign, and we hope you’ll be part of it.

Innovative Research and the Importance of Philanthropy
Clinical research has been a vital component of Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute from the start. This is the execution of research trials on new treatments, devices or methods that offer opportunities to improve patient outcomes with specific disease processes. Clinical research describes many different elements of scientific investigation. It involves human participants and helps translate basic research (conducted in labs) into new treatments and information to benefit patients. Clinical research gives our patients access to advanced technologies and allows us to learn how to improve care. These discoveries will have a lasting impact on patients and their loved ones.

An investment in research in this field is vital. Despite countless advancements and new technologies, there are still nearly 2,200 Americans dying of cardiovascular disease every day – or one fatality every 40 seconds. There are no insurance reimbursements for research. Funding from the National Institutes of Health and other government sources continues to shrink. Generous philanthropic investments will expand the Institute’s robust research program. Through our $20 million campaign, you can help us save more lives today and in the future. Please partner with us in this endeavor.

Saving Lives Now: Genuine Examples
It’s a rare opportunity for patients in a community hospital setting to have access to the latest, continuously evolving technological and medical advances. That is made possible by a comprehensive research program. And from the beginning, that has defined the mission of Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, whose specialists have pioneered minimally invasive treatments. The Institute strives to advance the care and practice of medicine through research and discovery so that no one in South Florida will need to leave their hometown for the most advanced treatments.

The Institute has spearheaded a wide array of relevant clinical research that has allowed us to offer patients new technology and lifesaving or life-improving treatment options—reducing the invasiveness of treatment, and often avoiding open surgery—years before these procedures are available at most regional hospitals. The Institute also participates in clinical trials in all areas that seek better ways to manage cardiovascular problems, including next-generation surgical techniques. The trials have proven that strong clinical research brings benefit to patients by making available next generation solutions
in our own community, with physicians who are well aware of the status quo and making strides to create new and improved solutions.

From heart attack treatments and valve repairs to minimally invasive stroke interventions, clinical trials often result in significant changes and benefits in patient outcomes. With your help, the Institute will continue to develop new strategies to prevent and treat aneurysms, blood clots and circulation problems anywhere in the body. Our clinicians believe in quality of life and have conceived and developed minimally invasive treatments that can cure, manage or offer symptom relief for
many different cancers that are now standards of care and improving patient outcomes. Each clinical study can lead to developing new methods of treating patients more effectively while minimizing trauma and risk.

Your Investment Can Make a Difference
We invite you to partner with us to help us increase our understanding of heart disease and devise new treatments for all areas of cardiovascular medicine. Contributions can be made in support of Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute or designated to benefit a specific area within the Institute. Your generosity will ensure that Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute remains a leader in the field of modern cardiovascular medicine. To speak with a Foundation representative about how you can make a difference, call 786-467-5400.

Giving Options
Gifts to Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute may be designated to specific areas of interest, or to the general fund to benefit the Institute where the need is greatest. Every gift makes a difference.

Leave a Lasting Legacy
A limited number of legacy recognition opportunities exist to associate your name with this innovative Institute while making a lasting difference in the lives of patients and families. For information, call us at 786-467-5400.

For more information about these or other giving options, call us at 786-467-5400.​​​​​​

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