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Our Community, Your Hospital

Together, we can build the future.
Please join us in a campaign to support​ the new Fishermen’s Community Hospital.


Fishermen’s Community Hospital, located in Marathon, the heart of the Florida Keys, is the newest member of the Baptist Health South Florida family, joining the health system July 1, 2017. The Florida Keys is a chain of islands 110 miles long with Fishermen’s Community Hospital located at the halfway point, with the closest hospital over 42 miles away.

Fishermen’s was foun
ded by dedicated community members who understood the need for a hospital as a cornerstone of any thriving community. Hospitals provide long-standing residents the ability to remain in the community for their healthcare needs and drive prosperity by attracting new residents, businesses and visitors. Fishermen’s served that purpose for decades – and Hurricane Irma changed that.


Prior to Hurricane Irma’s devastation on September 10, 2017, Fishermen’s was an all-purpose, critical access hospital offering a 24/7 emergency room, inpatient and outpatient surgery, diagnostic imaging, lab testing, and physical and occupational therapy.

cane Irma struck just southwest of Marathon, causing substantial damage to surrounding communities. Fishermen’s has been closed since then.

In an effort to provide basic healthcare to the community, Baptist Health, in conjunction with the State of Florida Department of Health, brought a “mobile field hospital” to Marathon staffed by Fishermen’s Community Hospital employees and offering an emergency department, lab, X-ray, pharmacy and inpatient beds.

The Baptist Health Board of Trustees subsequently approved $3 million to replace the field hospital with a custom-designed modular hospital with expanded capabilities and staffing that will be located on the current Fishermen’s grounds to ensure no interruption of care to the community.

Both the existing field hospital and its improved, but still temporary replacement, will incur substantial operating losses due to a decline in revenue and maintenance of a costly 24/7 clinical care infrastructure. Baptist Health makes these investments in recognition of the significant community need, including providing care to those patients who are unable to afford healthcare.

Following the hurricane, a thorough review of the Fishermen’s facility built in 1959 indicated a need for approximately $25 million to meet current clinical standards and provide the appropriate environment of care to all patients, caregivers and staff. Even after such a significant repair and retrofitting, it would still be a facility designed and built almost six decades ago.


Baptist Health plans to construct a new critical access hospital on the existing Fishermen’s site that will meet the needs of the community well into the future. The cost of an entirely new, replacement hospital facility is estimated to be $40 million. It will include: a 24/7 Emergency Room, inpatient and intensive care unit beds, outpatient observation beds, inpatient and outpatient surgery, laboratory services, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging (including CT Scan, digital X-ray, mammography and ultrasound). The new Fishermen’s Community Hospital will also maintain a heliport onsite for patient transfers.

n January 30, 2018, the Baptist Health South Florida Board of Trustees approved funding for a new, replacement Fishermen’s Community Hospital. To make this vision a reality, Baptist Health needs the community’s generosity to achieve its goal of $15 million in philanthropic commitments. Upon achieving this goal, Baptist Health’s Board is committed to approving immediately the additional funds required to begin construction of the new hospital.

Baptist Health and its physicians, staff and volunteers need your support to construct a new Fishermen’s Community Hospital that will meet the needs of a growing Middle Keys community long into the future, and enable our dedicated staff to continue to provide the high-quality, compassionate care they have delivered for the last six decades.

It’s “Our Community, Your Hospital.”  You can make a difference. And we thank you.​ 


Make your donation today, or for more information, call 786-467-5400 or email Giving@BaptistHealth.net.

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