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Volunteer at West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Small acts of kindness make a big difference in the lives of others!

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at West Kendall Baptist Hospital! Each and every day, our volunteers help achieve our mission of excellent care and service with compassion. Whether creating smiles, providing comfort or supporting staff, they are an integral part of delivering the patient- and family-centered care that is a hallmark of West Kendall Baptist Hospital (WKBH).

As a volunteer, you become part of the West Kendall Baptist Hospital story, which began in April 2011 when we opened as the first new, non-replacement hospital in Miami in more than 35 years. You will also carry on the legacy of Baptist Health South Florida in caring for the community, and you will join a dedicated team of employees, physicians, and volunteers who bring healing and unexpected joy to WKBH patients and their families.

The Volunteer Services Department interviews, orients and trains all qualified individuals who want to volunteer, and eagerly welcomes people of all backgrounds and abilities. Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn new job skills, meet new people and feel good about helping others. We look forward to supporting you in service to others.

Margaret Sotham
Director, Volunteer Services



Adult Volunteers (anyone who is 18 years of age and older, and not currently attending an accredited college or university)
Program Requirements

College Volunteers (for college students)
Program Requirements

Teen Volunteers (High School students who are between 15-18 years old)
  Please contact the WKBH Volunteer Services Office at (786) 467-2141 for more information.
Program Requirements


Volunteer Handbook​
Disclosure & Authorization Form

Application process:
Our volunteers work a minimum of one 4 hour shift per week. The Volunteer Services office works to accommodate their schedules and areas of interest. You may fill out an application online or contact the Volunteer Services office to have an application mailed to you. After the application has been submitted, the prospective volunteer will be contacted to schedule an interview. The intention of the interview is to get general information about why the applicant wants to volunteer and to discuss availability. At this time, the applicant will have the chance to clarify any questions they may have. They also will be oriented about the requirements which need to be completed prior to beginning their volunteer work. Below, you will find additional information and details on the application process.

Before submitting an application, please carefully consider the following:

• Your schedule allows you to commit to a weekly volunteer shift of four consecutive hours, on the same day and time during the week.

• You are able to treat your commitment as a volunteer as seriously as your work or school duties.

• You consent to a background check and feel comfortable having a background check and submitting personal references.

• As a college student, you are able to commit to volunteer the entire year.

• You agree to take a tuberculin skin test and to receive a mandatory influenza vaccination.

Additionally, if any of the following applies to you, please re-evaluate your decision to apply at this time since West Kendall Baptist Hospital will not be able to meet your expectations as a volunteer:

• I hope that volunteering will lead me directly to employment at West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

• I want to gain clinical experience and practice the skills I learned at school.

• I am currently looking for full-time employment or about to start a new job (*)

* In this case, wait until you are settled in your new job, then apply.

Contact Information

West Kendall Baptist Hospital Volunteer Services is located on the first floor of the West Wing Staff Garage building. Call us at 786-467-2141 or send an e-mail to wkbhvolunteers@baptisthealth.net​​​​.​