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Breathe Easy with a Confident Diagnosis

Relax. With Revolution™ CT, your low-radiation scan has never been such a breeze.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital is a trailblazer in healthcare innovation, offering the latest in imaging technology in South Florida. As world’s first hospital to install the Revolution™ CT from GE Healthcare, West Kendall Baptist Hospital is proud to offer this cutting-edge scanner that combines speed and high-quality images to give you a better CT experience. The Revolution™ CT features quieter scanning, soft ambient lighting and a relaxing visual pattern on the inside of the machine that enables a more pleasant and soothing patient experience. Using low dose technology, Revolution™ CT routinely reduces radiation dose up to 82 percent for all exams and all patients.

Our advanced Revolution™ CT lets you breathe easier about your scan. Revolution™ CT can scan entire organs in less than one second, so you don’t have to hold your breath as long. It also provides more information in a single exam, so you may not need additional imaging tests.

Revolution™ CT delivers high-definition imaging throughout the entire body, to help your doctor make confident diagnoses - even in the most challenging of cases, including:

  • Cardiac exams in a single heartbeat
  • Whole-brain imaging in less than a second
  • Low-dose, whole-organ diagnosis and follow-up for oncology patients
  • Detailed bone imaging, even for patients with metal implants
  • Sedation-free, low-dose scans for pediatric patients





    For your next CT scan, ask for Revolution™ CT at West Kendall Baptist Hospital so you can relax and breathe easy. Our caring staff is highly trained in advanced imaging with the latest technology.

    Most appointments can be scheduled within three days and some as quickly as the same day. Convenient weekend, early morning and later afternoon appointments are available.


    To schedule an appointment, please call 786-573-6000.

    *Revolution is a trademark of General Electric Company.