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Nursing at West Kendall Baptist Hospital

Nursing at West Kendall Baptist Hospital

West Kendall Baptist Hospital is proud to be a Magnet hospital. Magnet Recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, earned by only 8 percent of U.S. hospitals, is the highest and most prestigious distinction a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence and high-quality patient care.

Achieving the performance-driven designation brings external prestige as well as wide-ranging internal benefits. For patients, Magnet hospitals deliver higher patient satisfaction, a safer environment, lower complication rates, shorter length of stay and improved clinical outcomes. For nurses, Magnet designation leads to greater nurse autonomy, improved engagement, increased opportunities for professional development and education, higher nurse satisfaction and lower nurse turnover and vacancy.

Commitment to Excellence

West Kendall Baptist Hospital nurses are committed to serving our patients, our community, our hospital and our profession. Led by our guiding principles of quality, service, diversity and knowledge, we utilize evidence-based leading practices to provide high-quality patient-and-family-centered care, maintain patient safety, deliver culturally competent care and achieve the best clinical outcomes. In our quest for excellence, we have created a practice environment that supports research and innovation and enhances the professional practice of nursing.

Nursing Contributions

Nurses are the heart of our hospital. They make invaluable contributions to West Kendall Baptist Hospital’s outstanding reputation for clinical and service excellence through initiatives that can be categorized under the five Magnet Model Components:

Transformational Leadership
- empowering others to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Meeting an Organizational Need
In response to requests from nurses, physicians and other hospital staff members, Chief Nursing Officer Sandra McLean, MSHA, MSN, RN, partnered with West Kendall Baptist Hospital executives to open a new medical library on the hospital campus. Before the library opened, the hospital team accessed library services via online requests or inter-facility material loans. The new medical library provides a dedicated area for staff members to study, conduct research, collaborate on projects and access resources such as test prep materials, computers, laptops and a professional librarian who assists with evidence-based and research projects. The library helps the hospital meet the strategic goals of high-level employee engagement and satisfaction.

Developing Nurse Leaders
The development of clinical leaders improves the quality of patient care. Select West Kendall Baptist Hospital nurses attend Baptist Health’s Nursing Leadership Institute — a 12-month educational program that fosters the development of nurse leaders who enhance the overall patient experience and influence the delivery of safe, timely, efficient, equitable and patient-centered care.Nurses also may be selected to attend the Frontline Leader Program, which provides high-level leadership coaching to help nurses develop leadership best practices, build leadership competencies and establish networking relationships. To enrich their practice, many nurses participate in unit-based practice councils that promote shared governance and give them a voice in providing outstanding patient care using evidence-based practices.

Structural Empowerment - enabling nurses to have a voice, initiate change and be professionally engaged.

Improving Health Outcomes
Through the hospital’s onsite and mobile Healthy Hub, our nurses provide adult community members with free, preventive healthcare screenings and help them identify ways to improve their health. Since the opening of the Healthy Hub in October 2014, nurses have performed approximately 21,000 screenings. West Kendall Baptist Hospital nurses also participate in more than 45 community events annually to educate the public on preventing the spread of infections and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD and heart disease.

Providing Patient Education
Nurses in Perinatal Services provide free biannual educational sessions for expectant mothers in a program entitled Baby Boot Camp. In April 2019, 12 nurses volunteered to lead the interactive sessions attended by 12 patients and their partners. Baby Boot Camp, which was launched in 2014, covers such topics as:

  • What to Expect When Expecting
  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Mommy Postpartum Care
  • Newborn and Family Care
  • CPR and Safe Sleep Protocols
  • Baby Care Instruction for Support Partner

Training Competent Nurses
Evidence has shown that implementing a robust residency for new nurses improves patient care and safety and increases retention of excellent nurses. New nurse graduates at West Kendall Baptist Hospital are well-supported in the Baptist Health South Florida R.N. Residency program — a multispecialty, evidence-based onboarding process that develops competent practicing clinicians. In addition, the R.N. Transition Residency helps experienced nurses transferring to a new area of practice, such as emergency, intensive care, surgery and labor and delivery, adapt to their new environment.

Recognizing Nursing Excellence
Recognition increases nursing satisfaction, which, in turn, improves care delivery. Each quarter, West Kendall Baptist Hospital recognizes a deserving nurse with the prestigious DAISY Award. Grateful patients and families nominate DAISY Award Honorees who demonstrate excellence through clinical expertise and compassionate care. From January to March, 2019, 54 nurses were nominated for the prestigious award, and Denise Viera, R.N., Labor and Delivery, was the winner. From April to June, 2019, 39 nurses were honored as nominees, and the award went to Olivia Cocabo, R.N., Intensive Care Unit. In order to develop high-reliability nurse leaders, the hospital also recognizes a nurse leader twice yearly in the Nurse Leader DAISY Recognition Program. Ruth Navarro, R.N., Intensive Care Unit, was the award recipient for the period January through June, 2019, chosen from a list of five deserving nominees.


Exemplary Professional Practice
- ensuring excellence through collaboration and professional growth.

Earning Prestigious Designations
Baby-Friendly USA, Inc. has designated West Kendall Baptist Hospital a Baby-Friendly facility for our team’s commitment to teaching and encouraging new mothers to breastfeed their babies and strengthening the bond between mother and baby. Our team also is proud to have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval and the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark for certification in heart failure.

Engaging Our Community
Community members, business leaders, government officials and other hospital staff members get a first-hand look at the nursing profession on Shadow a Nurse Day, hosted each year at West Kendall Baptist Hospital during National Nurses’ Week in May. Nurses also host local high school students and teachers at a similar event, entitled A Day in the Life of a Nurse.

Implementing Clinical Improvements
Exemplary Professional Practice can be measured through each nursing department’s performance on nursing sensitive indicators (NSI), such as catheter-associated urinary tract infections, central line-associated blood stream infections and injury falls. To keep staff engaged in clinical improvement activities, NSIs are tracked and departments compete to outperform the benchmarks. During the hospital’s April 2019 Nurse Governance Council meeting, gold medals were presented to the Intensive Care Unit, 4 South and Surgical Services for their outstanding performances on NSIs. In addition, hand hygiene at the hospital is at 97 percent compliance, above the benchmark of national patient safety goals.

Executing Best Practices
With the goal of improving service, quality and safety, West Kendall Baptist Hospital nurses form unit-based practice councils and implement performance improvement projects.

Initiatives in 2019 include:

  • Two Case Management nurses created a form to improve the process for arranging home health services. The successful project, which was tested in 4 South, improved patient satisfaction and will be rolled out to other units. 
  • Four nurses in 4 South implemented a system to document IV end time for patients in the Observation Unit. The initiative has improved overall patient care, workflow and efficiency.  
  • Three Emergency Department nurses created a patient “passport” to keep patients and families in the Emergency Department informed of treatment progress and delays. The goal is to improve the Press Ganey survey score related to this imperative.
  • Three nurses in Surgical Services developed a Home Care Discharge Instructions packet to improve the patient discharge process and enhance patient outcomes. The packet also includes a designated phone number that enables patients to call a nurse with any questions or concerns. Press Ganey patient satisfaction results in this area increased from 77 percent “very good” to 88 percent “very good.”

Enriching Our Community
Led by West Kendall Baptist Hospital, the Healthy West Kendall coalition was selected as one of five communities in the U.S. to participate in Communities of Excellence 2026 — a learning collaborative that uses the Baldrige Excellence Framework to improve the health status, educational attainment and economic vitality of the community. Our nurses play an important role in achieving these goals.

New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements - enhancing patient care through research and new evidence.

Promoting Nursing Research
Conducting and advancing nursing research are important for delivering the most effective nursing care. Research and evidence-based practice are supported through the West Kendall Baptist Hospital’s Research & Evidence-Based Council, led by Nurse Scientist Vicky McCue, MSN, RN, CPN. The Council educates nurses and keeps them informed of research activities through a newsletter, Evidence in Motion, and a Scholarly Showcase that enables nurses to display their research projects. The Council also provides a facilitative review process for anyone wishing to conduct research or implement an evidence-based practice. Since opening in 2011, the hospital has conducted more than 50 nurse-involved research studies. Nurse research efforts also are supported by Baptist Health’s Center for Excellence in Nursing, which provides nurses with financial assistance to develop research posters and disseminate their clinical findings to internal and external audiences at hospital showcases and national conferences and symposiums. In April 2019, eight nurses presented their projects at the Florida Nurses Association South Region Symposium.

Enhancing Competency
A testament to their commitment to deliver outstanding patient care, the hospital’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) in Cardiology, Palliative Care, Neuroscience, Wound Care and hospital-based care held their fourth annual APRN Competency Evaluation in May 2019. During the interactive sessions, which include role playing, skills observation and peer-to-peer appraisal with real-time feedback, nurses are evaluated on their treatment decisions, communication, collaboration and other skills.  

Empirical Outcomes - revealing the impact nurses have made on patient care, safety and outcomes.

Achieving National Recognition
Jobic Ray Butao, BSN, RN, CCRN, clinical nurse in West Kendall Baptist Hospital’s ICU, was awarded the American Nursing Credentialing Center’s 2018 Magnet Nurse of the Year Award in the Magnet Model component of Empirical Outcomes. Mr. Butao received the prestigious national honor for his collaborative efforts to decrease catheter-associated urinary tract infections and central-line associated blood stream infections to a sustained rate of zero for more than 12 months. He implemented an interprofessional program using a checklist to successfully prevent such hospital-acquired conditions. This exemplary practice is now in place throughout the hospital with the same impressive results and is being implemented in other Baptist Health South Florida hospitals. In April 2019, Mr. Butao also received the IHI DAISY Individual Award for Extraordinary Nurses from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement and the DAISY Foundation for his successful program and results. Nearly 170 nurses and nurse-led teams, first honored within their own organizations between January 2017 and June 2018, were eligible for the IHI DAISY Awards, which place special emphasis on efforts to improve workforce and patient safety. And finally, during Nurses Week in May 2019, Mr. Butao was named the Baptist Health South Florida Nurse of the Year.

Leading Nursing Excellence
For her leadership excellence, West Kendall Baptist Hospital Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Sandra McLean, MSHA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, was selected by Legacy Magazine as one of South Florida’s “50 Most Powerful Black Leaders in Business & Industry” for 2019.

Engaging the Nursing Team
Engaged and satisfied nurses are central to effective and efficient caregiving teams. Healthcare industry surveys reveal that West Kendall Baptist Hospital nurses are highly engaged and rank their job enjoyment, satisfaction and professional advancement opportunities above the national averages. Additionally, the hospital’s direct care nurse turnover rate is lower than the national average.

Advancing Nursing Education
Nurses with advanced education are better prepared to care for patients in an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system. A high percentage of our nurses hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. During the first half of 2019, three nurses earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree; three earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree; and 18 nurses earned certifications in their specialties.

Delivering Quality Care
Proof of the positive impact our nurses have made on the lives of the people we serve can be found in patient feedback and outcomes. Press Ganey survey results for overall nursing care are above the benchmark at 77 percent “very good.”