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Robotic Surgery for Lung Cancer and Thoracic Conditions

With the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, our surgeons have transformed the experience of lung surgery from a serious open operation to a minimally invasive, safer and less traumatic option. Traditional surgery in the chest cavity requires a long incision and spreading the ribs, a major and painful operation with a long recovery period and significant risk of complications. Our surgeons are pioneers in using the da Vinci robot for many thoracic procedures, including cancer surgeries in the lungs, esophagus and thymus, as well as benign conditions.

The da Vinci robot makes surgery in and around the chest cavity easier and more efficient. Manipulating the robot's arms, the surgeon can reach areas in the chest through tiny holes that accommodate thin instruments. The surgeon controls the robotic instruments so they move around in minuscule spaces to cut out and remove tumors without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. A camera magnifies the chest area, giving the surgeon an enlarged and enhanced three dimensional view inside the body.

Webcast: Robotic Lung Cancer Surgery

Ana Nistal, robotic surgery patient