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Patient Care Navigator


We know women spend their time taking care of others. At the Center for Women & Infants, we’re here to take care of you. Our patient care navigator is your personal healthcare guide, a service that we provide for free to all patients of the Center for Women & Infants.

While you’re busy with your life, our patient care navigator will:

  • Locate the right physician to fit your needs.
  • Set up and keep track of your doctor and diagnostic appointments.
  • Find answers to your questions.
  • Direct you to treatment services, local resources and support groups.
  • Suggest questions you should ask your doctor at your next visit.
  • Act as your medical mentor, coach, advocate and companion to share the progress and setbacks of your journey.

  • For patients facing a cancer diagnosis, our oncology patient care navigator knows how to manage your treatment so you can concentrate on feeling better. She will:

  • Work with your doctors to learn the details of your treatment plan.
  • Coordinate your care, treatment and the communication among your medical team.
  • Communicate your needs to caregivers to ensure they all work in a way that supports your treatment and recovery.
  • Explain treatment options to you and your family.
  • Stay in touch with you and your family to ensure you’re comfortable and well cared for throughout your treatment.

  • Get the help you need to manage everything. Contact your patient care navigator today at 786-662-8585 or​