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Oncology Patient Care Navigator

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be emotionally and physically draining. Knowing where to begin and how to access available resources and services can be overwhelming. That’s why South Miami Hospital offers a helping hand to people with cancer. Our patient care navigators, registered nurses with experience in oncology, provide various types of support to patients and their families at no additional cost. The navigators can:

•    Work with your doctors to learn the details of your treatment plan.
•    Coordinate your appointments, medications and transportation needs.
•    Direct you to available services for further diagnosis and treatment.
•    Explain your cancer diagnosis and treatment options to help you and your family make more informed decisions.
•    Stay in touch with you and your family to check on your progress and ensure that you’re comfortable and well cared-for throughout your treatment.
•    Find available resources in the community that provide additional support where needed.

To talk to an oncology patient care navigator, email PatientCareNavigator@BaptistHealth.net or call 786-662-8812.

When cancer strikes, let South Miami Hospital’s patient care navigator guide you on the right course.