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Blood Conservation Program

At South Miami Hospital, we are committed to meeting the needs of our patients, including those who prefer or require options for transfusion-free procedures. Our expert staff provides education and personalized service to assist you in making the decision to take part in our Blood Conservation Program.

About bloodless medicine and surgery
The South Miami Hospital Blood Conservation Program is a special service for patients who wish to avoid the use of donor blood during medical and surgical procedures. There are many reasons you may prefer a transfusion-free treatment method. You may hold a religious conviction that prevents you from receiving blood products. Or you might feel more comfortable knowing that with bloodless techniques, you virtually eliminate the need for blood products.

Are all bloodless medical procedures safe?
Thanks to advances in equipment and technology, your highly skilled healthcare team can safely and successfully perform a multitude of procedures, ranging from routine appendectomies to complex orthopedic and open heart surgeries, without the use of blood transfusions.

Blood conservation techniques offered include:
  • Argon beam coagulator: Uses argon gas to stop surgical bleeding.
  • Blood pressure and temperature reduction: Reduces surgical blood loss.
  • Blood salvage: Saves, filters and recirculates the patient’s own blood.
  • Electrocautery: Uses heat to stop bleeding.
  • Harmonic scalpel: Uses mechanical energy to stop surgical bleeding while it cuts tissue.
  • Hemodilution: Dilution of the patient’s blood to minimize the total amount of red blood cells lost during surgery.
  • Laser beam coagulator: Uses lasers to stop bleeding during surgery.
  • Microsampling technique: Reduces the amount of blood collected for testing.
  • Minimally invasive and robotic surgeries: Surgical techniques that eliminate large incisions, and decrease blood loss.
  • Synthetic erythropoietin: Drugs that stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.
  • Volume expanders: Non-blood fluids are injected into the bloodstream to increase volume.

  • For more information, call 786-662-8508, email, or speak with your physician.​​​