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Child Development Center

South Miami Hospital's Child Development Center provides diagnostic and early intervention services to help children achieve their full capabilities in all areas of development.

The Center is located at 7401 SW 62nd Ave, East Tower building at South Miami Hospital.

Since 1993, the Child Development Center has provided the highest-quality diagnostic and early intervention services to children and families. The Center evaluates infants and children for potential problems that might require medical treatment, therapy services or parent education.


A Team Approach to Child Development
We offer a unified interdisciplinary approach to developmental problems. We assess a child's physical and psychosocial status to create an individualized treatment plan.
Our team of specialists includes developmental pediatricians, occupational and physical therapists, speech/language pathologists and social workers.

In cooperation with your child's physician, we refer to specialists in genetics, neurology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, psychiatry, otolaryngology and other medical specialties as needed.


Should My Child Be Evaluated?
Infants and children are most often referred to the center because of one of the following reasons:  

  • Emerging Problems of Newborns
    When infants are not exhibiting age-appropriate skills, such as visually "tracking" an object or person, making baby sounds or moving with ease, they should be evaluated as early as possible. For babies born with low birth weight or other complications, assessments may be needed, with follow-up care continuing as appropriate.
  • Children with Disabilities
    Children with birth defects, genetic problems, autism spectrum disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, or children with conditions and diseases such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy who need early assessment and intervention.
  • Pre-school Developmental Problems
    Toddlers should be evaluated if they appear to lag behind in activities such as walking or talking or who have problems with sleeping, feeding and other daily activities.
  • School-age Performance Problems
    Some childhood problems become apparent when a child encounters the challenges of the classroom. Teachers often recommend assessment when the achievement or behavior of the child does not keep pace with peers.

    How Does the Evaluation Process Work?
    The nature of the evaluation depends on the referral question and the age of the child. We work with infants, children and adolescents through age 18. We base our recommendations on comprehensive evaluations that include input from parents and caregivers. We partner with families to create an environment for growth and development.

    Other Services Available at the Child Development Center:
     Parent education
    Bilingual professional staff
    Individualized activity programs for parents and children to do at home

    For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 786-662-5080.​​​​​​​​