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Our Method

Get on the road to a better tomorrow with customized treatment plans backed by more than 30 years
of proven results - and find out why our dedicated team of compassionate professionals are making
the path to recovery a reality for more families every day.


    We help patients and families who see a serious problem in the making -- before the devastating losses occur.

    Our addiction treatment is guided by addiction medicine, proven strategies designed to treat the whole patient.

    Our services are designed to meet our patients wherever they are in recovery, new to the path, long-term or in between.

    Addiction is a disease, not a disgrace. That's not only our message. It's part of our mission of hope that helps patients recover their lives.


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Helpful Resources:

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Event: The Brain and Addiction

March 20, 2015

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Addiction takes you out of the picture

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(NBC Miami, September 6, 2013)​
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