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Swing Bed Services

Are Swing Bed Services for You?

Mariners Hospital Swing Bed Services provides extended care for patients unable to care for themselves at home while recovering from an illness or injury. These services may ease the stress for you and your family.

Patients recovering from orthopedic surgery (including joint replacement) or who have cardiac or respiratory illnesses may benefit from our Swing Bed Services. We also help people who need I.V. antibiotic therapy for wound care.

Participating in Your Care

A team of clinicians individualize your care to suit your unique situation. We work with one goal in mind ––to help you heal and regain function in a safe environment so you can return home. Your team will meet with you weekly to discuss your plan of care, recovery and progress.

We encourage you and your family to participate with the plan of care team, which includes representatives from physical therapy, nursing, social work and dietary services, as well as the activities director.

What You Can Expect During Your Stay

  • A private hospital room
  • Notification of your doctor if your care needs change
  • Vital signs monitoring according to your care plan
  • Continuation of daily medications as ordered by your doctor
  • Assistance with showering and bathing as needed
  • You can wear your own personal clothing
  • Encouragement to exercise or move around in your room, as therapists direct
  • Encouragement to eat all meals out of bed
  • Accommodation of personal dietary requests can be accommodated
  • You will be encouraged to participate in recreational and social activities during your stay.

  • Insurance Coverage

    Medicare and many private insurance plans often cover Swing Bed care. Mariners Hospital staff will check your insurance coverage prior to your admission.

    For more information, please call 305-434-1625.