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Pastoral Care at Homestead Hospital

Baptist Health believes that a healthy connection to God is vital to a person's physical, psychological and social well-being. Research has demonstrated a clear relationship between spirituality and the process of healing. Our chaplains, representing a number of religious faiths, have received specialized training to provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families in times of need.

Worship and Devotional Opportunities

Our prayer and meditation chapel is open 24/7. The chapel is located on the second floor.

Prayer Time, 3 p.m., weekdays
Catholic Mass, 9:30 a.m., first Monday of each month
Services are televised on Channel 44 within the hospital.

A chaplain is available to all patients and their families. Any requests for prayer should be directed to the Pastoral Care Services office at
786-243-8551 or by contacting the nursing staff.

When to Contact a Chaplain
•  When you feel the need to draw strength from your spiritual roots.
•  When you would like to explore the meaning of your current health challenge.
•  When you need support in time of crisis or loss.
•  When you would like to inquire about better ways to cope.
•  When you need a sacrament of baptism, anointing, communion, etc.
•  When you want to clarify your values regarding health care decisions.
•  When you would like your church or synagogue to be contacted.
•  When you would like someone to pray with or just a friend to talk to.
•  When you have specific needs to fulfill the obligations of the faiths in the Judeo-Christian traditions.

For more information, call 786-243-8551 or send an e-mail to Don't miss the main Pastoral Care section of our website. ​