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Outpatient Rehabilitation


5800 Overseas Highway
Gulfside Village Plaza,Suite 43
Marathon, FL 33050​ 
Phone: (305)-434-1499
Fax: (786)-260-0544​

Our top priority is your return to an active Florida Keys lifestyle. Whether it is lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain or recovery from a hip or knee replacement surgery, our licensed physical and occupational therapists at our new Middle Keys facility can get you back to enjoying all of what Marathon and the rest of the Keys have to offer.  

All therapy services require a prescription (letter of referral) from a licensed physician, and must be presented before any therapy evaluation can begin. To expedite an evaluation appointment, physician offices can fax therapy prescriptions to 786-260-0544.

Call 305-289-9950 to find out if your insurance is accepted.

Physical Therapy

Our caring physical therapists are licensed by the State of Florida to provide safe and cost-effective physical therapy services. Your assigned physical therapist will evaluate your medical condition and how it impacts your day-to-day function in regard to pain relief, mobility, strength and balance. Together, you and your therapist will decide on your therapy goals, time frame to achieve those goals, and the physical therapy treatments you will actively engage in during your treatment sessions. Toward the end of your physical therapy rehabilitation, your physical therapist will educate you on your own Home Exercise Program so that you can maintain the gains you made during therapy. While our physical therapists’ main goal is to get you back to enjoying your life in the Florida Keys, they want to make sure you’re independently healthy.

Prescriptions should read “Physical Therapy: Evaluate and Treat” with at least one medical diagnosis listed.

Occupational Therapy

Our licensed occupational therapists evaluate your current challenges with performing day-to-day tasks. Since most of these common Activities of Daily Living are performed with the hands and arms, such as brushing teeth, occupational therapists have focused training on problems of the hands and upper extremities. Additionally, occupational therapists have knowledge in the area of the central nervous system, which is important for rehabilitation of a person suffering the effects of a stroke or other brain injury. The occupational therapists will evaluate your functional abilities, mutually formulate an occupational therapy plan of care, and utilize functional activity interventions during your occupational therapy treatment sessions. Our goal is to help you return to full functional independence.

Prescriptions should read “Occupational Therapy: Evaluate and Treat” with at least one medical diagnosis listed.

Speech Therapy

Through audio/video interactive communication, we offer speech-language pathologist therapy services via tele-medicine. Our speech therapy room has state-of-the-art technology to communicate with a fully-licensed, certified speech-language pathologist at Mariners Hospital.

Prescriptions should read “Speech Therapy: Evaluate and Treat” with at least one medical diagnosis listed.


Common problems treated by our highly experienced therapists:

  • Pain: head, neck, wrist, knee, shoulder and low back
  • Disc herniations and stenosis
  • Shoulder and elbow injuries, including torn rotator cuff and tennis elbow
  • Foot and ankle problems such as plantar fasciitis
  • Wrist and hand problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger
  • Hip and knee problems (conservative care before attempting surgery)
  • Sports-related injuries, including ligament, muscle and tendon injuries
  • Vertigo and balance problems
  • Total joint rehabilitation
  • Stroke recovery and traumatic brain injury
  • Speech-language, communication and swallowing disorders

 A physician’s prescription is required for outpatient therapy. For more information or to make an appointment, call 305-289-9950.



*Estimated wait times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. While your medical condition will be evaluated by a qualified health care professional after your arrival, The estimated wait time indicated is the average estimated time it will take for you to be seen by a treating medical professional (physician, nurse, practitioner or physician assistant.

Depending on your medical condition and that of other patients at the center, the estimated wait time can change since patients are seen based on the severity of their condition, and the more critical patients are seen first. This estimate is provided for information purposes only and cannot be guaranteed. 

During your visit at our facility, you may receive services from our facility as well as from other health care providers. You may receive a separate bill from these other health care providers, and they may or may not participate in the same health insurance plans as the facility. You should contact the health care providers who may render services to you for a list of the insurance plans with which they participate. You may also request from the facility and other health care providers a personalized estimate of charges. For a list of health care providers and medical practices who may provide services to you during your visit a Baptist Health facility, click here

Click here for a list of standard hospital charges.

If you have any questions regarding a separate statement/invoice you received from a health care provider, please contact the specific health care provider’s or group’s billing offices.

If however, you have any questions or concerns directly pertaining to your Baptist Health facility bill, please contact our Patient Financial Services Department at (786) 594-6000. 

Additional information regarding patient billing and collection procedures, our financial assistance policy and charitable care program is available on our site.​