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Wound Care Services

When you come to Doctors Hospital for high-quality healthcare, your first thought probably isn’t about wound care. But hospital wound care is important, and here’s why.

The right wound healing means you have a better chance of a positive outcome from your procedure. Doctors Hospital has a dedicated wound care team devoted to making sure you get the best possible hospital skin care.

After you’re admitted to the hospital, a nurse will check your skin to identify any potential problems you might have with healthy skin care, wound treatment or wound healing. If you need help, we’ll develop a wound care treatment plan just for you, with the best expert for your particular situation – whether a physician, nutritionist, physical or occupational therapist, social worker or pharmacist. Our team strives to prevent wound care problems before they happen and to treat them right away if they do.

Sometimes simple wound care management strategies make a big difference. We teach patients and families about proper positioning to avoid pressure ulcers, for example, and make recommendations about wound dressings and wound healing treatment.

While you’re a patient at Doctors Hospital, we can provide you with information and advice about chronic wound healing. When you leave, our experts might recommend continuing therapy through outpatient wound care treatment, home healthcare, or even treatment in a rehabilitation facility.

Additionally, Baptist Health’s wound care nurses host the South Florida Ostomy Support Group for ostomy patients and their families the third Wednesday of the month at Baptist Hospital.

For further information on the Wound Care Service at Doctors Hospital or the South Florida Ostomy Support Group, call 786-308-3332.