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eICU Lifeguard

Doctors Hospital is the best place to receive expert intensive care unit or ICU care when you need it the most.. During this very challenging time, we strive to provide the best patient- and family-centered critical care in our state-of-the-art ICU.

In addition to our team of specially-trained ICU doctors, nurses and staff, Doctors Hospital features the latest innovative technology to monitor patients, improve outcomes, and provide the best hospital intensive care possible.

The eICU Lifeguard technology is a great example. Another team of intenstivists (doctors who specialize in ICU care) and critical care nurses monitor the medical condition of your loved one from a remote location. The eICU Lifeguard monitors vital signs, tracks even small changes in a patient’s condition, and features a video camera that can zoom in if necessary. To protect patient and family privacy, the experts sound a bell a bell before activating the camera in any ICU room.

This eICU Lifeguard adds second set of expert eyes as a safety net to help doctors and nurses physically in the ICU know precisely when a patient needs more attention.

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