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Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis can cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. At Doctors Hospital, we’re here to help. We’ll go over your breast cancer symptoms, explain your choices for breast cancer treatment and together come up with the best plan to fight your cancer.

Doctors Hospital offers high-quality, compassionate care for all patients fighting breast cancer, no matter what your diagnosis. Our specialists will help you through treatment – including breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy – and follow up to make sure you experience the best possible recovery.

Doctors Hospital is proud to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) to select patients with early-stage breast cancer. This innovative “one-day breast cancer treatment” targets radiation at breast tissue after a surgeon removes the tumor through a lumpectomy.

Greater convenience is among the benefits of IORT, especially for international patients. The one-time treatment replaces the standard radiation delivered to the whole breast five days a week for five to seven weeks after breast cancer surgery. Studies also suggest that IORT prevents breast cancer recurrence as effectively as whole breast irradiation, and research underway at Doctors Hospital may show that women get back to their normal lives more quickly after IORT.

For more information, call Doctors Hospital at 786-308-3000, our Cancer Resource Service at 786-596-2430 (outside Miami-Dade County, toll-free, 800-599-2456) or contact