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Brain Tumor Treatment

Finding out that you or a loved one need brain tumor treatment can be a confusing and anxious time. You have a lot of questions and concerns about brain cancer. Turn to Doctors Hospital for compassionate care, unequalled expertise on all types of brain tumors and a staff that strives to provide the best care possible.

We’re here for you throughout your treatment. We’ll agree on the best and least invasive cancer treatment options, help you through surgery and chemotherapy if you need it, and work hard to give you the fastest brain tumor recovery time possible.

Our expert neurologists offer noninvasive strategies to fight a brain tumor, brain biopsy procedures and, when needed, open craniotomy and other types of brain tumor surgery.

At Doctors Hospital you can take advantage of many brain tumor treatment support services all at one location. We have highly trained physical and occupational therapists, psychological support experts and nutritional counselors devoted to one common goal – ensuring that you leave our care with an optimal outcome.

To make an appointment, call 786-308-3791.