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Women's Services


Each woman is different, especially when it comes to health care needs. That's why Baptist Hospital offers a wide range of programs and services designed especially for the many needs of women...women who want to be involved in caring for their own health, and the health of those they love. Women's Services at Baptist is actually a combination of specialized programs that focus on providing information, education, referral, diagnostic services and medical care. Every service is staffed by women's health professionals, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, technologists and others who work in partnership to meet your special needs.

Whether you need a mammogram, a pregnancy ultrasound, or another type of imaging diagnostic study, Baptist Outpatient Center at Baptist Hospital has the expertise required. Our Mammography Center offers women the best protection they have against breast cancer - early detection. Accredited by the American College of Radiology, our dedicated Mammography Center offers the expertise of qualified radiologists and technologists utilizing extremely low-dose mammography equipment. The Center offers the privacy and comfort important to women.

Should your mammogram reveal an area of your breast that may be abnormal, the Mammography Center offers the newest, least invasive outpatient alternative to surgical biopsy: the Mammotome probe. Guided by X-ray images, the radiologist inserts a special needle into the suspicious area, and a gentle vacuum draws the breast tissue into the probe's hollow tube for examination by a pathologist. A single insertion is all that's needed to collect enough tissue for testing. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, uses a local anesthetic and requires no stitches.

Other Women's Diagnostic services
Our radiologists also specialize in ultrasound studies for the pregnant woman, and for the woman who has gynecological problems requiring special diagnostic studies. We also offer the diagnostic work sometimes needed for a couple experiencing infertility. Our Bladder Diagnostic Center helps pinpoint the cause of urological problems, including incontinence. And we offer the bone density scans needed to determine the amount of bone loss due to osteoporosis.