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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services


Our primary goal is to return our patients to their highest level of independence through individualized therapy and community re-integration. Our highly experienced rehabilitation staff participates in extensive continuing education to assure that patients receive the most advance rehabilitation treatment.

Our team encourages family involvement throughout the therapeutic process, because we recognize that family education, therapeutic training and emotional support are essential components of your recovery. Members of the rehabilitation team meet with you and your significant others throughout the course of treatment to review your progress and discharge plans.

The inpatient rehabilitation center is located in the first floor of the Lake Pavilion Building. The Center has 23 private/semi private rooms, including two video monitored rooms for patient safety and a Transitional Living Apartment that enables patients and their families to rehearse for life at home, while having full clinical support immediately at hand. Patients receive individualized Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy in our spacious gym. The gym is equipped with state of the art equipment, to facilitate therapeutic activities.

Admission Criteria
Candidates for admission to our inpatient program must:

  • Be medically stable
  • Be able to participate in three hours of therapy a day
  • Be able to improve within an short period of time
  • Be approved by the Medical Director or his designee
  • Require at least two different therapy disciplines (PT/OT/SLP) as part of their treatment plan

  • Specialized Programs
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
    The Rehabilitation Center has long excelled in the area of neurological rehabilitation treating a full spectrum of neurological disorders including stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, degenerative disorders and spinal cord tumors. Our staff has extensive training in Neuro-Developmental Treatment Techniques, swallowing disorders and visual - perceptual disorders.

  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation
    The Rehabilitation Center is skilled in treating a wide range of brain injuries, which may be the result of a traumatic accident, surgery or other clinical conditions. Our program is designed to address the various stages of brain injury recovery, from the agitated patient to the those with high level cognitive limitations. Two video-monitored rooms are available for those patients that require an intensive safety oriented care. Special attention is given to education of family members and other caregivers, to prepare them for integrating the brain injured individual into their lives after the rehabilitation program.

  • Community Re-entry Trips
    As the patient progresses within the structured environment of the rehabilitation center, patients are encouraged to participate in community outings. This allows patients to experience work, home and leisure activities with the support and expertise of their therapists close at hand.

  • For further information please call 786-596-6520; Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.