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Lactation Services at Baptist Hospital

Thinking About Breastfeeding? We Can Help

A new mother may have a lot of questions about breast-feeding, including:
  • Which is best for the baby?
  • Will I be able to breast-feed?
  • How will I know if I have enough milk?
  • Can I continue to work and breast-feed?
    We’ll do all that we can to make breastfeeding a rewarding experience. Some of you will have questions about breast-feeding before your baby is born. Others may need help in the first days after birth. And, often, mothers have questions about continuing to breast-feed as the baby gets older.

    Before You Have Your Baby

    Prenatal Breast-feeding Classes — Our classes provide education for those who plan to breast-feed, as well as for those who are undecided. We encourage the father or support person to attend. Included will be information for families who want to know more about breast-feeding, nutrition concerns and options for breast-feeding mothers who return to work. For information about prenatal class at Baptist Hospital, call 786-596-8748 or email us at

    While You’re in the Hospital
    Breast-feeding Assistance from Nurse Specialists and Lactation Consultants — Breast-feeding help is available while you’re still in the hospital following your baby’s birth. If you have questions, you may ask your nurse, who is specially trained in breast-feeding. She may refer you to our lactation consultants (who are Board certified specialists in breast-feeding). Call 786-596-2671.

    After You Go Home

  • Private Consultation — A lactation consultant is available to assist you after you leave the hospital. To schedule a private appointment, please call 786-596-2671. (There is a charge for this service.) 
  • Support Groups — A free breast-feeding support group meets the first Wednesday of the month, 10-11:30 a.m., at 8950 N. Kendall Dr., Suite 105. Call 786-596-2671 for more information.
  • Breast Pump Rentals and Sales — Electric breast pump rentals are available at Baptist Hospital. The lactation consultant can guide you in your decision to use this equipment, as well as explain how the equipment works. Breast pumps are also available for sale. In addition, we feature a full line of breast-feeding accessories, such as nursing bras, nursing pillows, lanolin, breast shells and freezer bags. Call 786-596-2671.

  • For more information about breast-feeding services, call the lactation consultants at 786-596-2671, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays.