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Health Screenings

Our Baptist Health Community Health Screenings team supports wellness in the communities we work in by providing health screenings, these include:


Having high cholesterol is a risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke.  This is one of the most controllable risk factors.  Community Health offers a reliable total cholesterol screening with results in less than five minutes.



High glucose levels can lead to the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II.  The screening we offer will show elevated blood glucose (Hyperglycemia).  Fasting is not required.


Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure many times presents with no symptoms, thus regular screenings are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. 
Our Digital blood pressure units can be a reliable way to measure pulse and blood pressure.


Bone Density

Low bone density can lead to osteoporosis, which can lead to serious bone fractures.  There is no pain associated with this condition- you could have osteoporosis or be at risk for it without even realizing it-. thus screenings is recommended for women over the age of 30 and men over the age of 55 years old.  Our ultrasound machine provides measures heel density with results provided right away.


Body Composition Analysis
A body mass index (BMI) higher than 30 can lead to many chronic conditions. 
We offer a body composition analysis that includes body fat percentage and body mass index, which can help you determine your health status.  Please note that dehydration as well as large food intake prior to test may affect results.  

For corporate clients, we offer discounted package option along with an aggregate data analysis of collective results.
For more information please contact us at or call us at 786-467-5637.