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How to Compare Hospitals

‪For the first time, you can evaluate a hospital based on a series of potentially life-saving measurements established by the federal government. Never before has so much vital information about performance been so accessible to the public. Never before could you see the inner workings of a hospital so clearly. ‬

Information and tools are now available to help you make informed decisions about where you receive your healthcare and how you select your healthcare providers.

At Baptist Health, we’re proud to share information about the quality and safety of our patient care. And it’s more than just numbers. We’ll show you how the actions behind those numbers have impacted the lives of people just like you. 

We hope you’ll spend a few minutes reading this website to learn how we’re doing and what we’re trying to do better.

The more you know about a hospital, the better choice you can make. You owe it to yourself to select the best hospital for you and your loved ones.

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