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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for an academic Nursing or Allied Health clinical/practicum rotation at BHSF?

The college/ university must have an active student affiliation agreement in place for Nursing and/or Allied Health students to be able to rotate at a Baptist Health South Florida entity. Both the program and university must be fully accredited before sending students to any of our entities.


How are clinical/practicum rotations coordinated for students enrolled in Nursing and Allied Health programs?

All Nursing and Allied Health students are required to find their own preceptors for their academic experience at one of our entities. Once a preceptor is secured, the university or student will contact for additional clearance paperwork. The requirements for paperwork and clearance are the same for all students.


What does being accredited mean?

Accreditation is mark of quality. Accreditation insures a program’s educational processes and outcomes are congruent with the highest academic standards. Please check with your individual program for their accreditation.


What are the benefits of attending an accredited program?

Graduating from an accredited program is required for admission into higher degree and graduate level academic programs. Accreditation assures quality education that meets professional standards.


What is the process for securing an academic clinical/practicum at BHSF?

First, an affiliation agreement on file between the accredited university and BHSF is necessary for any and all clinical rotations at BHSF. Second, the student/clinical coordinator of the university must submit all required forms completed prior to receiving clearance from the Student Affiliations Manager within the specified timeframe. Please call the department for more information.


How do I know if my university is affiliated with BHSF?

See the following list of affiliated colleges/universities.


How are group clinical rotations coordinated for entry-level nursing programs?

The university will submit their clinical rotation request through CCPS. Requests are submitted at least 6 months in advance. Only requests from affiliated, accredited nursing programs will be considered for placement.


Where can I locate the BHSf student Handbook?

On this web page or through this link​ The university and students are required to read through the entire student manual and complete the affidavits for appropriate clearance.


What forms need to be completed for a clinical/practicum rotation experience?

For general Nursing and Allied Health students, complete the forms on pages 68-69 of the BHSF student manual. For RN-BSN, graduate level nursing and P.A. students, in addition to pages 68-69, complete the forms on pages 72-73. Incomplete forms will not be accepted nor processed.


How do I know when I have been cleared for my clinical/practicum experience?

An email will be sent to your school clearing you for the experience.


How long does the clearance process take after submission of the required forms?

Submit required forms at least one month in advance: Clearance may take a minimum of 30 days.


Do I need a hospital ID badge for my clinical/practicum experience? Where can I obtain it?

As per the Student Faculty Orientation manual(pg. 65):

“Students going to clinical at Baptist, South Miami, Doctors, Homestead, Mariners and West Kendall Baptist Hospitals are expected to wear their school photo ID badge and a Baptist Health student ID badge. These badges are provided at each hospital from security after the completed school certification form and roster are turned in to student affiliations manager for approval. Students and faculty will report to Security Departments for processing of ID badges. ID badges are to be returned to security at the end of the clinical rotation. Faculty supervising nursing students will collect ID badges and return to security at assigned hospital.”


Can foreign students apply for a clinical/practicum rotation at BHSF?

No, we do not have nursing and allied health student affiliation agreements in place with universities outside of the United States.


Can students from out-of-state universities complete a clinical/practicum rotation at BHSF?

We only accept students from affiliated, accredited universities.

For additional information and/or application, contact the Student Affiliations department at 786-596-7534 or