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Doctors Hospital Volunteer Internship Program



Doctors Hospital wants to ensure you have a rewarding experience during your internship with us, so it is important to be aware of all the steps and requirements involved in the application and orientation process prior to starting your scheduled rotation. By following the steps shown below you will help the process run smoothly and avoid unnecessary delays in starting your rotation.

To proceed with this application for internship rotation, you must first be assigned to our hospital by your school and be approved by department manager where you will be completing your rotation. The first requirement is to submit an intern application. Once we receive your application, you will be sent an automatic confirmation directly to the e-mail address you provided on your application.

After submitting an intern application, you must follow the steps shown below before starting your internship. You should begin this process at least one week prior to your start date:

  • PPD Skin Test
    Students younger than 23 years of age will be tested for tuberculosis (PPD Test) once which will be administered by Doctors Hospital (The result will be given in 48 to 72 hours). If the student has already been tested within the last year, there will be no need to repeat the test with proper documentation. This proper document should be brought to the Volunteer Services prior to start date in order to obtain a medical clearance from our Employee Health Office. Students who are 23 years of age and older will be tested for tuberculosis twice (The both results will be given after 9 days). If the student has already been tested once within the last year, the second test will then be administered by Doctors Hospital.

  • Intern License (if applicable)

  • Driver License or photo ID

  • Copy of student’s confidential background check report if it was completed within the last year. If the student cannot provide this, the student must consent to a background check

  • Orientation
    Printed On-line Orientation Certificates
    Printed Corporate Compliance and Affidavit

  • Your application will be approved and you will be given an access after your appointment with Volunteer Services in order to complete the orientation session.

    Once you receive the approval e-mail, please follow the steps below:

  • General Orientation:Orientation Handbook – this allows you to review the General Orientation material which is part of the Doctors Hospital Orientation Training Requirements. After reviewing this material, you will take the “On-Line Test”

  • Online Test: This opens up a window allowing you to log-in. Make sure you are using the same user id and password you registered with when first submitting your application. Do not register again! Complete the Online Test – be aware that you have only 30 minutes to take the test.

    • Certificate of Completion: After completing the online test, make sure to print out the certificate. This certificate proves you have completed the online test. Bring this certificate to Volunteer Services.

  • Corporate Compliance Module: Please review the Corporate Compliance Module, fill in the Affidavit, and print it.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Volunteer Services Department at 786-308-3595.

    I look forward to meeting you soon.


    Julia Walton
    Manager, Doctors Hospital Volunteer Services

    Corporate Compliance

  • Corporate Compliance Handbook

  • Affidavit