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Code of Ethics

Among the many reasons people are attracted to work at Baptist Health is our high ethical standards.  We are committed to core values of ho​nesty, integrity and transparency.  These are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. ​

We insist on full compliance with all laws and regulations in the conduct of our business; we prohibit improper payments from vendors; we are dedicated to patient privacy and the confidentiality of patient medical records.

Baptist Health’s Code of Ethics must be followed by all employees, contractors and agents. No one is exempt, no matter their position. Employees annually receive information about the Code, and are encouraged to report violations of the Co​de

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Q: Does the conflict-of-interest policy apply to all employees?
A: Yes, the conflict-of-interest policy applies to all employees. An employee must disclose his or her employment, contractual relationship or financial relationship, other than his or her employment with Baptist Health.

Q: I have a job outside Baptist Health. Do you mean that I am not allowed to have a second job?
A: Our conflict-of-interest policy means only that you must disclose your second job. Once you have done that, a determination will be made as to whether your second job presents a conflict with your duties and responsibilities at Baptist Health.

Q: I disclosed my second job last year. Do I have to do it every year?
A: Our policy requires that you disclose potential conflicts of interest as soon as they arise and when there is a change in circumstances. Managers must renew their disclosure each year.

Q: My husband just got a new job with a competing hospital. Do I need to complete the form now or can I wait until next year?
A: A potential conflict of interest must be disclosed as soon as it arises. Complete a form now to report your husband’s employment with a competitor.