Miami Cancer Institute’s world-renowned radiation oncology experts – and the advanced technologies we offer – provide you with a life-changing medical edge in your fight against cancer, right here in South Florida.


As the only cancer center in the world to offer all of the latest radiation therapy technologies under one roof, the Institute is also home to South Florida’s first state-of-the-art Proton Therapy Center, where our highly trained specialists and sub-specialists use the high-energy beams of proton therapy to target, attack and destroy cancer cells while minimizing side effects.

All of the radiotherapy options we offer enable our team of physicians to provide the very best treatment and therapy approach for all patients, personalized specifically for each patient’s particular tumor.

Led by Deputy Director and Chief of Radiation Oncology Minesh Mehta, M.D., an internationally recognized radiation oncology expert, proton therapy pioneer and leader, and cancer research expert, the Institute’s team of medical specialists collaborates with each other and across medical disciplines to offer patients comprehensive clinical expertise and access to innovative therapies and research.

More than half of cancer patients will undergo some form of radiation therapy either as a singular therapy or in combination with other therapies, depending on each patient’s individual tumor.

Cutting Edge Treatment In One Place

Cutting Edge Treatment In One Place

Miami Cancer Institute offers one of the world’s most comprehensive and advanced radiation oncology programs, including South Florida’s first proton therapy center. We are the only cancer center in the world to offer all of the latest radiation therapies in one place, which enables us to choose what treatment is right for you.

Designed With Patients in Mind

Designed With Patients in Mind

We know cancer treatment is a challenging experience, and that's why we are committed to making it as easy on you and your family as possible. 

Whether it’s the tranquil natural light that radiates comfort, the cozy surroundings, or the aesthetically calming interior designed to help promote healing, every detail was incorporated to help you heal.

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