Are clinical trials available for laryngeal cancer?

Clinical trials offer cancer patients additional hope – even if other treatment methods have proven challenging and extraordinarily complex – by helping all of us gain new insights into ways of preventing, detecting, treating and curing cancer.

And at Miami Cancer Institute, our laryngeal cancer specialists and subspecialists believe that groundbreaking, transformative research through medical collaboration with each other as well as with other world-renowned cancer experts can bring promising new drugs and therapies directly to the patient by offering access to leading-edge, innovative clinical trials – targeted to your specific type of cancer.

Organized around cancer-specific research groups and led by internationally renowned oncology researcher and Deputy Director/Chief Scientific Officer Miguel Villalona Calero, M.D., the Cancer Institute’s Clinical Research Program is designed to focus on precision medicine and to conduct detailed, patient-centered studies that identify your specific genes and molecular makeup (known as genomics), as well as your environment and lifestyle.

Additionally, our alliance with our colleagues at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center enables us to offer our patients access to even more innovative therapies and clinical trials to treat your specific disease – creating a robust Clinical Trials program unmatched by any other in South Florida and deemed one of the best in the entire nation.

To find out which clinical trials may be available for your specific cancer, click here.

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