Your Experience

At Miami Cancer Institute, we're not only thinking about your treatment. We're also thinking about your whole experience - from the first steps of becoming our patient to active treatment life beyond cancer - and all the needs you and your loved ones might have along the way. Our compassionate, highly trained social workers, counselors, and staff are here to support your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Cancer Patient Support Services

The mission of the Cancer Patient Support Center at Miami Cancer Institute is to enhance the quality of life and health outcomes of patients with cancer and their caregivers by addressing their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs through high-quality clinical care, education and research across the continuum of care.

From discomfort to emotional stress, a cancer diagnosis and its treatment can take a tremendous toll on the physical and emotional well-being of patients and their caregivers. Taking care of the whole patient is a key competent of providing world-class cancer care, it is central to our mission. Miami Cancer Institute's interdisciplinary team of physicians and allied health professionals work collaboratively to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care that focuses on your psychological, social and spiritual health. Our goal is to help you be independent and strong so you can continue your familiar activities. 

For Patients

Miami Cancer Institute's advanced technology, innovative treatments and groundbreaking research are just the beginning. Our commitment to delivering patient- and family-focused careis our promise to you as we support you throughout your cancer journey. 

Never Stop Caring

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