Miami Cancer Institute is a member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance, a dynamic and forward-thinking collaboration aimed at improving patient access to the latest and most effective cancer treatment advances and the highest caliber of cancer care in the community healthcare setting.

The Cancer Alliance is a unique partnership between Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and oncology providers like Miami Cancer Institute. Our two organizations work together to adopt into everyday practice at Miami Cancer Institute the Cancer Alliance standards of care. Central to the mission of the Cancer Alliance is the expansion of groundbreaking clinical trials right here in South Florida, giving patients direct access to new treatment discoveries and the exceptional, patient-focused care Memorial Sloan Kettering has provided for more than a century.

The enhanced treatments and clinical care Miami Cancer Institute now can offer have a significant impact on our patients. Teaming up with some of the most preeminent cancer specialists in the world enables us to develop highly individualized care plans for each patient. This meaningful partnership demonstrates a deeply-held desire by both organizations to collaborate in support of the best possible outcomes for patients and their communities — and establishes Miami Cancer Institute as the area’s preeminent academic-community cancer center.

Fulfilling a Vital Need

The creation and growth of the Cancer Alliance was fueled in part by the realization that adopting lifesaving breakthroughs in clinical practice takes an enormous amount of resources and time. This is particularly true in the community setting where more than 80 percent of cancer care in the United States today is delivered. As the population ages, it becomes more and more difficult for doctors to stay current with complex new treatments and the most current evidence available. By partnering with Miami Cancer Institute, the Cancer Alliance ensures that the latest innovations in knowledge-sharing and advances in cancer care reach community residents across South Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean.

A Collaborative Approach

Teams of physicians and other healthcare providers from Memorial Sloan Kettering and Miami Cancer Institute work diligently side by side to ensure that resources, capabilities and standards of care are in line with those of the Cancer Alliance. The two organizations share educational resources and new techniques to further advance cancer care.

Sharing a Deep Expertise

Miami Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering physicians meet regularly to discuss select, complex cancer cases—including those not often seen in the community setting—to identify the best treatment course. In treating more than 130,000 patients each year, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s experience translates into knowledge that typically takes years to become the standard of care elsewhere. The Cancer Alliance helps to close this knowledge gap, particularly when combined with Miami Cancer Institute’s world-renowned clinical experts and state-of-the-art facility that provides leading-edge cancer care under one roof.

Expanding Access to Clinical Research Trials

An essential component of this alliance is the ability to provide access to clinical trials not previously available to patients in the Miami area. Through thoughtful collaboration, Miami Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering are educating our community on the impact that accessing such innovative clinical trials has on those facing cancer.


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