Breast cancer survival rates are in the 90th percentile if the cancer is caught early. Early detection is your key to survival.

Learning that you or someone you love has breast cancer can make you feel your world is being turned upside-down. A cancer diagnosis is shocking and overwhelming. 

Everything in life may suddenly feel out of control, because the word “cancer” is frightening. Your initial thoughts may be, “Why me?” “Was it my fault?” “Could I have prevented this?”

At Baptist Health Breast Center, we encourage you to perform monthly breast self-examinations to become familiar with your breasts.  Mammograms should start with a baseline at age 40, and continue yearly until age 80 to 85.

Mammograms should be given at an earlier age if you have a first-degree relative with breast cancer at age 45 or younger. It is important to have a clinical exam of your breasts yearly, as well.